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Le Point


"Muriel de Saint Sauveur : "Dare to be a woman!”

by Muriel de Saint Sauveur

For the coach, all women have in them the capacities to be the owner of their life. As long as they give themselves the means to do it.

Madame Figaro


"Where and how do today female leaders dress"

by Marie-Caroline Bougère

Having the right accessories, knowing how to play with materials, never giving up on one’s personality… An encounter with five female directors who know how to combine style and business dress code.

7 jours sur la planète


"Thinking about a women’s world with Muriel de Saint Sauveur"

by Valérie Tibet

Muriel de Saint Sauveur, president and founder of Women Masterclass, was the guest of the “7 jours sur la planete” show. She gets back to the needed verbalization of the sufferings of women and to the different ways to create a feminine leadership, good for the whole society.

Mid & Plus


"Muriel de Saint Sauveur: impresario for women"

by Vicky Sommet

Muriel de Saint Sauveur has always been working in communication, then found the courage to create her own company and got catched again by the corporate world. Communicating, promoting, exchanging and passing along, these are the tasks she assigned to herself and does her best to realise. Before taking an interest to women and to point out disparities and discriminations with the firm intention to suppress them here and there…

Francophonie news in collaboration with RFI


"Let’s celebrate women’s rights on May, 8. Let’s make them move forward. Everyday. Everywhere in the world"



"The winning trio for looking forward entrepreneurs: Diversity, Mix, Parity"

by Muriel de Saint Sauveur for Voxfemina

If we believe what Jacques Attali says, the companies of the future will be “positive”, that is to say being at the same time profitable and useful for the future generations, they will attract employees. If we listen to Human Resources experts, those who are looking to give a new start to their work, it is essential to make one’s employees happy in order to increase their efficiency. But, who are these employees each company wants to attract and keep?



"Women at the origin of the Value Work Revolution"

by Muriel de Saint Sauveur for Voxfemina

From the Antiquity where each person had a role according to his place in the society, to our time where Artificial Intelligence is threatening our position of human worker, going through religions which gave contradictory values to work and without forgetting Adam Smith advocating work as wealth during the Industrial Revolution, is work an emancipating activity as per Marcel Maus or an endangered value as Dominique Meda wrote? And what if we ask women?

RED for Executive Women


A l'étranger...

My French Life



All Ladies League & Women Economic Forum of India rewarded Muriel de Saint Sauveur as an iconic woman creating a better world fo all.
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