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My story

"Coach, mentor or impresario for women, I decided to put my forty years of experience to contribute to the women’s economic development."

I am the founder and president of WOMEN MASTERCLASS.


A true Parisian, thrilled to discover the world and meet so many people, and at the same time happy to come back to her city, its streets and small fashion shops, its cafes and shows, it is by discovering others’ cultures that I learnt to appreciate mine. I am a globalist Parisian born, who looks at the world full of curiosity and kindness.


It’s been forty years for I have been working as communication expert for people and companies. I visited many countries, met men and women from different backgrounds, surveyed several generations of men and women, and came back studying diversity and parity at Paris Dauphine University.


I am now creating my company to support the economic development of women, to help them making choices and to make them gain freedom and independence.


I named my company “Women Masterclass” and dedicated it to women from all countries willing to develop their career, to know how to communicate on themselves and on their projects.

Training, Supporting and Monitoring debates, Communicating, these are my new jobs. Companies, associations or governments won’t be able to do without women and they are my future clients.

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