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Moderation Day

October 16 2019


A passionating Moderation Day spent debating and discussing about the place of women in our society. 

Contact me for any need in moderation on the women and diversity topics.

Workshop for Business O Féminin

October 9 2019

On October 9th, I had the great pleasure to organise a workshop for Business O Féminin.

We exchanged on how to impose ourself through our appearance while remaining true to our personality. 

Contact me to organise your own Women Masterclass workshop.

Women Masterclass workshop: "On the Art of finding one's leader's style" for ENGIE's WIN network

I recently organised a Women Masterclass workshop on how to find one's leader style for ENGIE's WIN netwlork. 

Because, yes, your leader attitude comes also with the right choice of clothes and accessories.

Participants left the workshop very satisfied and ready to take on any challenges. 

Contact me to organise your own Women Masterclass workshop.

Conference at the University of Liège: A women's world, a better world?

March 2019

On March, 20 I took part in a conference organised at the University of Liege on the theme: "A women's world, a better world?". 

A good occasion to talk about the results of my book gathering the interviews of women from around 30 countries and to see the evolutions. 

March 8th, the International Women's Day

March 2019

In this international day of women's rights, I moderated a debate on the new feminisation of the professional world with DFCG au féminin and HEC Alumni Finance.

I was also at the We Madame network conference. 

Conference on women and money with the Ladies Bank of Oddo Bank

February 2019

On February 21st, we discussed with the Ladies Bank and the Rennes School of Business Alumni the relationships women have with money. 

A great occasion to share best practices to feel at ease with money. 

And a signing session of my book "A women's world, a better world?" took place too.

Workshop for ESSEC : "How to convince while presenting one's pitch in 7 minutes?"

February 2019

On February 12th, I intervened in ESSEC startup incubator Antropia with a critical workshop for any aspiring entrepreneur and businessmen/businesswomen: "How to convince while presenting one's pitch in 7 minutes?".

We exchanged on how to persuade, via the choice of words but also on how to use body language and clothing style effectively. 

Conference in India "Gender, Parity and Women in 2019"

February 2019

On February 6th and 7th 2019 I was in India where I animated a conference on gender, parity and women in 2019 at the University of Mumbai and at the University of Pune. 

Such a great pleasure to exchange with Indian students on that matter!

LIPAG conference on the topic "Diversity, where are we?"

January 2019

A round table organised with students in Human Ressources to discuss the diversity situation in the corporate world. 

Conference during the Social and Solidarity Convention 

December 2018


I had the great honour to attend the conference "How to attract more women?" organised during the Social and Solidarity Convention in Morocco on December 18 2018.

Workshop with Version Originale

December 2018


A very interesting workshop to discuss the role of women in the society.

Breakfast with Femmes d'Influences at the Bon Marché

September 2018


We discussed style and how to develop one's leader style with the member of Femmes d'Influences association at the Bon Marché in Paris.

A big thank you to Anne-Catherine Grimal, Bon Marché communication director, and to Nathalie Oliver, Style manager, for the organisation of this event.

Gestual and public speaking workshop with Ashinaga France

April 2018


A workshop organised for African students by the NGO Ashinaga to help them improve their leadership potential. 

Such a pleasure to notice the improvements done in a morning!

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