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Moderation and animation

"Spokesperson for women"

My experiences and diverse and international: 

  • Conferences in collaboration with Bloomberg in Hong Kong, ...

  • Conferences in collaboration with the French Institute (in Russia in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Irkutsk, in China, in India, in Morocco, Pakistan, Mexico, …)

  • Animation of debates in Morocco in collaboration with Saadi Hotel, in Spain in collaboration with Mujeres Avenir Association, ...

  • Speaker for several forums as the Women’s Forum, the Global Summit of Women, the Women Economic Forum of Saint Petersburg, the Women in Africa Forum, and for different French companies.


I host days or debates on parity between men and women.


Companies which understand today that parity between men and women is a step in their corporate governance are the winning companies of tomorrow.


I host conferences on that topic.

Here are examples of conferences’ themes I already took part in:

  • Women at the origins of the Value Work Revolution

  • The Y Generation: its paradigms and expectations

  • Motherhood: an obstacle to career, whether we want it or not

  • Leadership and networking: the inseparable friends

  • How to understand the codes of the opposite sex

Having a project for a conference?

Needing a moderator specializing in parity?

Let’s discuss your event together!


Moderation of a debate on the Y Generation for “Mujeres Avenir” association

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