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Career support

Career support, personalised or in group, search for meaning, work on self-confidence improvement, training and image and positioning coaching…


My offers combine a rich experience gained by working in big international groups with a knowledge of different cultures and difficulties that women, willing to make a career and choose their life, can be confronted with.

I also add an excellent expertise in communication with a more personalized section focused on the development of the individual.

Become the strategist of your life


The connected world in which we are now living pushes us into understanding and learning to create interesting, strategic and useful professional connections. A network is built depending on one’s objectives, is mastered and is organized. Once we define the objective, the implementation becomes very easy.

As long as you know how to play by the rules.

2-hour workshop for 8 to 15 participants.

Give sense to your network

Identify your style and develop it


A career change, new requirements for a future job, an unexpected break are as many moments appropriate for an introspection.

Understanding one’s assets and one’s true motivation is an exercise enabling us to prepare a personal communication plan.

5 coaching sessions, one “SWOT” analysis and one tailored-made positioning day.

Give a direction to your career

and your professional life

Discover new horizons


Women’s horizon has changed. The new environment in which they are now evolving is full of obstacles which have been identified but not truly accepted. Taking on several roles in a hyper connected world, whose rules are still too often made by men, create tensions. All women have in them the qualities to become the leader of their own lives and to learn to decide by themselves for themselves.

1-day workshop for 8 to 10 people.

My personal style

My professional style

My leader style

Give life to your leadership

Workshop for a small group of 4/5 people based on your personal style:

How to speak

How to introduce yourself

How to choose your outfit.

Give elegance to your style


It is how to put in a line your style with your personality  

Give elegance to your style  

Be the actress of your image


Any public interaction is based on the visual communication produced by the body language: posture, presentation, positioning are as many dimensions of self-knowledge. Learn to assert your identity, to hold your function and become the actress of your own image by aligning your physical posture, your oral presentation and your clothing style.

3-hour workshop for 8 to 12 people.

The Art of public speaking or how to convince thanks to my posture.

The Art of presentation or how to provoke interest with a few words.

The Art to show myself in my best advantage or how to choose the right outfits according to my function.

Give form to your image
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